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VolleyStation Pro changelog

1.32.2 released on 28 Nov 2023

  • Reduced latency of stats data sent to VS systems

1.32.1 released on 28 Nov 2023

  • Tweaks and fixes for new default spreadsheets

1.32.0 released on 24 Nov 2023

  • New default spreadsheet set

1.31.7 released on 25 Oct 2023

  • Video montage screen bug fixes

1.31.6 released on 04 Oct 2023

  • Fixed element focus when switching scouting screen modes

1.31.5 released on 02 Oct 2023

  • Changes to stats sending mechanisms

1.31.4 released on 25 Sep 2023

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working on video analysis screen, when fullscreen was entered using a button, not player double click

1.31.3 released on 21 Sep 2023

  • Extended data exported to SportsCode XML

1.31.2 released on 06 Sep 2023

  • Fixed video slider scroll behaviour on iPad

1.31.1 released on 05 Sep 2023

  • Added option to upload raw stats file to VIS games

1.31.0 released on 04 Sep 2023

  • Added frame by frame video slider to bench stream player

1.30.9 released on 24 Aug 2023

  • Fixed VSLINEUP values when exporting spreadsheets to XLSX

1.30.8 released on 22 Aug 2023

  • Fixed spreadsheet find and replace sometimes getting unresponsive

1.30.7 released on 21 Aug 2023

  • Added the ability to disable spreadsheet refreshing on new match data. Manual refresh can be done via a button or Command/Control + R shortcut.

1.30.6 released on 15 Aug 2023

  • Fixed an issue when generating montages from games with no finished rallies

1.30.5 released on 11 Aug 2023

  • Hide VIS login from non VIS games
  • Improvements to Sportscode exports when both teams have the same short name

1.30.4 released on 14 Jul 2023

  • Added an option to filter rallies on bench, to only see the ones tagged with colours
  • Added an option to clear rally colour tags

1.30.3 released on 14 Jul 2023

  • Improvements to VSM exports

1.30.2 released on 10 Jul 2023

  • Import player roles when importing VIS games

1.30.1 released on 8 Jul 2023

  • Improvements to dual coding reliability

1.30.0 released on 7 Jul 2023

  • You can now use colour flags to mark plays on bench tablet
  • Calculating function result in spreadsheet can now by prevented using #! symbol. This can be used to heavily optimise spreadsheet calculation time
    • VSPLAYER and VSTEAMNAME automatically return this code when player or team isn’t found
    • You can pass this as a parameter into VSCELL as needed to cut on the calculations. You may for instance want to skip calculating efficiency when player has less then 5 attacks etc.

1.29.7 released on 2 Jun 2023

  • Single reports can now be copied to clipboard as images for easy sharing

1.29.6 released on 19 May 2023

  • We’ve added points overlay in video analysis window and video pop out

1.29.5 released on 11 May 2023

  • Improved Italian translation

1.29.4 released on 21 Apr 2023

  • Increased data sending frequency for official games
  • Improved data sending reliability on poor internet connections

1.29.3 released on 17 Mar 2023

  • Added Korean translation

1.29.2 released on 15 Mar 2023

  • New default beach attack combinations

1.29.1 released on 14 Mar 2023

  • Improvements to VIS integration

1.29 released on 08 Mar 2023

  • Added VIS integration for stats delivery

1.28.22 released on 14 Feb 2023

  • Fixed coding issue when users switched between English and Japanese keyboard layouts.

1.28.21 released on 30 Jan 2023

  • Fixed match order when using ;MX spreadsheet filters.

1.28.20 released on 27 Dec 2022

  • Added link to our new knowledge base to the main application menu.

1.28.19 released on 02 Dec 2022

  • Improved handling of improper codes in VSSETCOUNT

1.28.18 released on 28 Oct 2022

  • Internal application changes

1.28.17 released on 13 Oct 2022

  • Internal application changes

1.28.16 released on 16 Sep 2022

  • Internal data processing improvements.

1.28.15 released on 13 Sep 2022

  • Fix for team export returning error.

1.28.14 released on 06 Sep 2022

  • Display all networks in bench connection popup. You can click desired address to update link and QR code.

1.28.13 released on 02 Sep 2022

  • We’ve added importing and exporting of player nicknames to sq files
  • Bench spreadsheets now have an option for manual refresh. This will be useful if you want to use heavier spreadsheets on bench.
  • We’ve disabled toggling play/pause on bench by tapping on the video. You can still use the designated button for this, while we hope to limit accidental stream stopping by coaches.

1.28.12 released on 20 Aug 2022

  • Improvements to team export

1.28.11 released on 10 Aug 2022

  • Fixed Sportscode exporting when substitution is the last event in match

1.28.10 released on 01 Aug 2022

  • Improvements to VSM match file import

1.28.9 released on 22 Jul 2022

  • Fixed VSMAP not reverting team symbols (*/a) based on team selected for reporting

1.28.8 released on 08 Jul 2022

  • Fixed adding new rallies before/after using wizard

1.28.7 released on 23 Jun 2022

  • Fix for importing matches with attack combinations starting with J

1.28.6 released on 22 Jun 2022

  • Internal changes preparing VS for future updates

1.28.5 released on 20 Jun 2022

  • Added support for Korean encoding in season settings

1.28.4 released on 1 Jun 2022

  • VolleyStation is now available in Italian

1.28.3 released on 31 May 2022

  • Setter call codes are now extended with new character J. You can use codes like J1, besides the already available K1. J is no longer available in attack combination codes.

1.28.2 released on 27 May 2022

  • Improved reliability of login system

1.28.1 released on 23 May 2022

  • Improved streaming reliability
  • Fixes for validation of beach lineups
  • Added information about game format to season list
  • You can now adjust file name when exporting matches

1.28 released on 13 May 2022

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article.

1.27.10 released on 04 May 2022

  • We’ve added German translation
  • Fixed an issue where external video player would jump between videos from different tabs during playback

1.27.9 released on 13 Apr 2022

  • This version features a new match picker in reporting and video analysis. This picker will always display comment field, and offers search, to quickly find matches in bigger seasons.

1.27.8 released on 05 Apr 2022

  • Fix for updater on macOS. Please download the latest build from your user panel if you are stuck on an older version.

1.27.7 released on 03 Apr 2022

  • Fixed uploading stats for official matches

1.27.6 released on 03 Apr 2022

  • VQL queries will no longer count invalid codes as freeball, instead they will be completely ignored
  • VSLINEUP will return empty cell instead of error when trying to get data for not existing set or match
  • Fixed an issue that made installed app size to big
  • Video analysis screen will show index of a currently played clip

1.27.5 released on 28 Mar 2022

  • Fixed in match distribution widget displaying same data for both teams, with same team on both court sides
  • Internal changes for official match data upload
  • Fixed a rare case when deleting spreadsheet row or column could result in misaligned table
  • Internal application updates

1.27.4 released on 15 Mar 2022

  • Fixed a problem with exporting some matches with multiple substitutions in a row
  • Fixed search type switcher being visible when editing codes
  • You can now use show on video button when using basic search

1.27.3 released on 14 Mar 2022

  • Fix for reporting match picker not working when selected team had more then 100 matches
  • Preparations for deployment of beach and snow volleyball support

1.27.2 released on 09 Mar 2022

  • Fixed an issue that altered play codes in an unexpected way, when inserting new plays into the play list

1.27.1 released on 08 Mar 2022

  • Added support for Japanese encoding in season settings.

1.27 released on 02 Mar 2022

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article.

1.26.15 released on 25 Feb 2022

  • Added new montage export mode: encode without overlay
  • Fixed an issue in video pop-up that caused it to sometimes not switch video source when switching tabs
  • Wrapping spreadsheet functions in ROUND will no longer block show on video
  • Fixed bench side menu not collapsing properly on some browsers
  • Improved spreadsheet load times by around 30%

1.26.14 released on 14 Feb 2022

  • Fixed adding attack combinations with no subzone in season settings

1.26.13 released on 09 Feb 2022

  • Tweaks for Sportscode XML file exports

1.26.12 released on 08 Feb 2022

  • Internal application changes

1.26.11 released on 07 Feb 2022

  • You can use Control+Tab on all platforms to quickly go between tabs
  • Using Cmd/Control+9 will go to last, not ninth tab
  • Play rows will now have different colour arrows based on presence of precise play direction
  • Montages with overlay will now display score at the moment play happened, not after the rally
  • Adjusted centre court line, and three meter lines in all court designs to make them easier to differentiate.

1.26.10 released on 18 Jan 2022

  • Expanded data sent to our systems for official matches

1.26.9 released on 12 Jan 2022

  • Fix for some keyboard shortcuts not working on macOS

1.26.8 released on 04 Jan 2022

  • Internal updates for improved performance

1.26.7 released on 28 Dec 2021

  • Fix for updater on macOS. Please download the latest build from your user panel if you are stuck on an older version.

1.26.6 released on 19 Dec 2021

  • Effect sign can now be coded after extended code block. This change makes codes like this 1SM15D.3,M# valid.

1.26.5 released on 17 Dec 2021

  • Fixes for restoring window size on application relaunch

1.26.4 released on 15 Dec 2021

  • Performance improvements to whole application
  • Improvements to merged cell formatting in spreadsheets

1.26.3 released on 14 Dec 2021

  • Improvements to video encoder error logging

1.26.2 released on 08 Dec 2021

  • Fixed montage exports for video files with mp3 audio

1.26.1 released on 07 Dec 2021

  • Internal application changes

1.26 released on 29 Nov 2021

All changes in this major release, are covered in a separate article.

1.25.7 released on 18 Nov 2021

  • Added set filter display to match report
  • Added welcome screen to Japanese version of VS
  • Internal changes and updates

1.25.6 released on 12 Nov 2021

  • Added support for importing matches with YYYY/MM/DD date format
  • When spreadsheet is already loaded, and processing new match data, it will show different loader, that will not cover whole screen.
  • We’ve consolidated our export options in one pop-up. We recommend using our own format: VSM for exchanging data with other VS users.

1.25.5 released on 08 Nov 2021

  • Internal application changes

1.25.4 released on 01 Nov 2021

  • Tablet connection popup now has copy and open button for bench address
  • Improved spreadsheet cell border exports to XLS
  • We will now remember last used stream address

1.25.3 released on 21 Oct 2021

  • Fixed typo in spreadsheet conditional formatting style

1.25.2 released on 18 Oct 2021

  • Added team export
  • Fixed montage time estimate when unselecting clips
  • Player position is now an optional attribute
  • Importing .sq file will update player positions
  • More options in spreadsheet conditional formatting

1.25.1 released on 06 Oct 2021

This version contains internal changes preparing VS for future feature releases.

1.25 released on 29 Sep 2021

All changes in this major release, are covered in a separate article.

1.24.7 released on 20 Sep 2021

  • Fixed fullscreen video player blocking keyboard shortcuts on video analysis screen.

1.24.6 released on 14 Sep 2021

  • Fixed an issue when submitting only space sign into coding field would break some of its functionalities.

1.24.5 released on 12 Sep 2021

  • Improvements to in cell image export in spreadsheets.
  • Going to play video on stream will now be more accurate.
  • Significant performance improvements to spreadsheets. For larger files you will see few times faster generation.
  • When using bench on tablet in landscape mode, you can now collapse side menu to get more space.
  • We are now providing Apple M1 compatible builds of VolleyStation.
  • Other minor improvements.

1.24.4 released on 24 Aug 2021

  • Internal changes

1.24.3 released on 22 Aug 2021

  • Fixed handling of cells with = character in spreadsheets
  • Confirmation popup now responds to both Esc for cancel, and Enter for confirmation
  • Improvements to import of teams with long abbreviations

1.24.2 released on 18 Aug 2021

  • We’ve adjusted some translations.
  • Bench match picker will now remember its hidden state between spreadsheets and reports.

1.24.1 released on 13 Aug 2021

  • Improved performance of spreadsheet reload, when changing matches.

1.24 released 8 Aug 2021

All changes in this major release, are covered in a separate article.

1.23.7 released on 20 Jul 2021

  • Fixed an issue causing replace popup to only work for first text occurrence in function code.

1.23.6 released on 19 Jul 2021

  • VolleyStation window will now remember its size and location between launches.
  • Replace popup is a new tool added to spreadsheets, accessible under cmd/ctrl+f shortcut, when on spreadsheet screen. This popup will replace code parts within your current selection, allowing for quick modification of your spreadsheet queries.

1.23.5 released on 10 Jul 2021

  • Fixed video popout not displaying video correctly

1.23.4 released on 9 Jul 2021

  • Expanded the condition options in spreadsheets conditional formatting.
  • Fixed montage export with overlay being stuck in some rare cases.

1.23.3 released on 5 Jul 2021

  • Fixed a rare issue when custom coding configuration could block editing of play codes.

1.23.2 released on 1 Jul 2021

  • We’ve added an option of exporting many spreadsheets at once. This is accessible from main the spreadsheet list.
  • Fixed issue that caused player roster popup to trigger keyboard shortcuts when adding players on match screen.
  • Fixed wrong court arrow colours for plays not crossing the net, and resulting in playing team loss.
  • We’ve added .TS file support in video converter and merger.

1.23.1 released on 17 Jun 2021

  • Fixed video encoder sometimes being unresponsive when selecting video quality
  • Spreadsheets will now be cleaned up on save, resulting in better load times
  • Fixed serve end zones when using arrows from zones visualisation
  • New coding error display on match screen
  • Fixed missing effect cards when using card scouting mode
  • Enabled native fullscreen support on macOS

1.23 released on 07 Jun 2021

All changes in this major release, are covered in a separate article.

1.22.3 released on 25 May 2021

This version adds support for MTS video files in video merge and convert tools.

1.22.2 released on 05 May 2021

  • We’ve added new export format for media integrations
  • Spreadsheet list has added search, and displays all your sheets at once
  • Bench will now adjust to tablet language, if current language is supported
  • Added Japanese translation

1.22.1 released on 03 May 2021

This version features a fix for a rare login problem

1.22 released on 30 Apr 2021

All changes in this major release, are covered in a separate article.

1.21.3 released on 22 Apr 2021

This version contains fix for exporting montages with some plays missing video.

1.21.2 released on 08 Apr 2021

This version adds a new court data visualisation layer, called zone arrows. This layer is the visually the same as normal arrows, but it will work for matches without precise play paths. All it needs are coded zones and sub-zones. Here are some facts you need to know before using it:

  • Zone arrows try to randomly spread arrows for plays in certain zone, within said zone. This gives you the ability for approximate analysis of play direction in situations where no play paths are present (like in live match).
  • Zone arrows are available on both heat map report, as well as in spreadsheets with VSCOURT. To enable zone arrows with VSCOURT you need to use zoneArrows key word.
  • Zone arrows will work with VSFORMAT, just like normal arrows.
  • Zone arrows and normal arrows are exclusive in which plays they draw. Zone arrows will only draw plays without paths, and normal arrows will only draw plays with paths, as they always did. You can mix them if you wish, by enabling both visualisations at once. You can do it in both heat map report, as well as with VSCOURT, by adding both arrows and zoneArrows keywords.

This version also introduces a new colour scheme for subzones visualisation. Subzones will now start at green, instead of blue, to be more coherent with heat maps.

1.21.1 released on 30 Mar 2021

  • Play to video sync can now be done straight from match screen. Just be sure to set your mark play shortcut in application settings.
  • Improvements to importing matches with non latin characters in team or player names.
  • Fixes for VSSETCOUNT function for same team matches.
  • We’ve fixed the issue where start set button will sometimes show during set.
  • You can now log out of VS using a new button in settings, if you want to change your license before the current one expires.
  • Combination mapping tool was not displaying an error when you tried to run mapping with some combinations not having a selected map option.
  • Editing plays in match will not longer move them to the end of connected montages.
  • Video files in mov format can now be used as match video.

1.21 released on 17 Mar 2021

This major release focuses on smaller functionalities and bug fixes. Here is the full list of changes

  • Spreadsheet function VSTEAMNAME can now be narrowed down to a set of matches. Syntax looks as follows: =VSTEAMNAME("*;M1")
  • Added F as an option for clip rewind for video analysis screen
  • Reception direction data will now be filled based on serve and setting data. This will be done only for some match providers
  • Team details page will now display full team roster, instead of pages of 4
  • Number of players in block will now be in sync between block and attack when editing
  • Fill target attacker for all settings when importing matches from some providers
  • Fixed settings screen layout on 1440p displays
  • When exporting video in overlay mode, we will try to equalise video resolutions
  • Fixed wrong rotation numbers in rotation planner table
  • Fixes for -Infinity problem when exporting matches in overlay mode
  • Export of custom code block in Sportscode XML
  • Spreadsheet subzone courts will now draw zones for all plays, not just those with arrows. This is now in line with main heat map report
  • Improved performance of match picker used through the application. This will be most visible on teams with 10+ matches
  • Fixed interface glitch when replacing stream with video file
  • Fixed big spreadsheets breaking match picker, preventing any matches from being selected.
  • Slightly improved spreadsheet loading time
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.20.3 released on 20 Feb 2021

Stream on bench now has additional video navigation buttons in fullscreen mode. Those will move the video by -30/-5/+5/+30 seconds.

1.20.2 released on 17 Feb 2021

Fix for queries containing player number only not returning any results

1.20.1 released on 16 Feb 2021

Fix for match picker sometimes not selecting matches

1.20 released on 14 Feb 2021

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article

1.19.2 released on 28 Jan 2021

This version enables extended hit type list for serve and reception

1.19.1 released on 26 Jan 2021

Attention! VolleyStation 1.20 will introduce big changes to our video montage system. This released puts some groundwork for this migration. Montages created on versions earlier than 1.19.1 will be removed when upgrading to the new montage system. If you want to keep some of your old montages, make sure to visit them now, and use generate again button to create a migration ready copy.

1.19 released on 25 Jan 2021

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article

1.18.2 released on 24 Jan 2021

This version features the following changes and improvements

  • Improvements to spreadsheet cell margins on bench
  • Fixed player filters not working when roster contained a player without shirt number
  • Reduced size of cell locked indicator, and changed its colour

1.18.1 released on 21 Jan 2021

This version features the following changes and improvements

  • Play markers used in spreadsheets and heat map reports had their readability vastly improved
  • In spreadsheets, chart labels will now update with data changes
  • We’ve added serve indicator to match court
  • Fix for video being removed from match when it was edited
  • Enabled heat map report on bench
  • Match distribution widget will now only display distribution after positive reception

1.18 released on 13 Jan 2021

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article.

1.17.2 released on 09 Jan 2021

This release contains some minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Match picker is now slightly wider, for better readability on practice matches
  • When deleting last play in rally, you will no longer be moved to the end of the set
  • We’ve introduced improvements to our automatic lineup correction, in cases where the change was triggered by a substitution.

1.17.1 released on 05 Jan 2021

This release contains fixes for switching tabs when there are more than 6 open, as well as a fix for opening matches when some players on rosters have no names.

1.17 released on 05 Jan 2021

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article.

1.16.14 released on 01 Jan 2021

This version features new start screen, with many helpful tips about keyboard shortcuts.

1.16.13 released on 31 Dec 2020

This version allows for printing contents of rotation planner. Printing can be done in full colour mode, as well as in print mode which saves inks. We’ve fixed some reports getting cyan backgrounds when printing, as well as match comment popup triggering keyboard shortcuts when typing a comment.

1.16.12 released on 16 Dec 2020

With this version you can now save your setter call and attack combination conversion settings, and reuse them for other matches.

1.16.11 released on 15 Dec 2020

This version fixes an issue with libero being removed from roster after creating a match. It also features some updates to default spreadsheets.

1.16.10 released on 14 Dec 2020

This version features improved system for binding matches and video on import. For best experience make sure that videos are already in seasons default video folder, before importing matches.

1.16.9 released on 8 Dec 2020

This version features changes to some of our default settings for smoother onboarding experience. Those changes will only affect new users.

1.16.7/8 released on 7 Dec 2020

This version will automatically fill your database with demo data on first run. Demo data includes a scouted match with play direction arrows, as well as some example preset groups. You will also find a set of advanced spreadsheets included with this release.

Another change is a series of improvements to coding system. You will see data moving between plays better, especially when using dot coding. One of the examples will be code S.R that instead of defaulting to S+.R+ will now default to S-.R+

This release also features a system for estimating montage length based on your settings. This value will be visible on montage screen and in export popup.

1.16.6 released on 22 Nov 2020

This version features a series of fixes for our report match pickers sometimes not showing any data.

1.16.5 released on 19 Nov 2020

New heat map reports will now feature hit type as an additional switch available inside the report.

You can now use middle mouse button (or ctrl/cmd + click) to open many places in the application in new tab.

Fixed searching match for no block attacks, also highlighting attacks with no block information.

1.16.4 released on 13 Nov 2020

Fixed automatic sync behaviour when match was coded with invalid stream address.

1.16.3 released on 12 Nov 2020

We’ve fixed prints sometimes missing backgrounds of elements.

This version features new end set element on playline, that allows you to change final set result.

1.16.2 released on 9 Nov 2020

This version features a fix for libero players no longer automatically adding themselves to team lineup.

1.16.1 released on 4 Nov 2020

This version features a fix for migration system used to upgrade reports to a new format used in version 1.16.

1.16 released on 3 Nov 2020

All changes in this major release are covered in a separate article.