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VolleyStation Referee change log

2.8.23 released on 04 Dec 2023

  • Changed team shortcuts generation in scoresheet report

2.8.22 released on 17 Nov 2023

  • Added an option to send match scoresheet to VS admin panel after ending the match

2.8.21 released on 13 Nov 2023

  • Fixed substitution lock following delay warning or penalty

2.8.20 released on 07 Nov 2023

  • We will notify when your match key is not in line with your teams, when creating a new match

2.8.19 released on 02 Nov 2023

  • To improve convenience, you can now import any game to any season
  • Match number is now visible on match listing

2.8.18 released on 26 Oct 2023

  • Fixed lineup warning indicator for beach games

2.8.17 released on 24 Oct 2023

  • Improved internal handling of game rules for different game formats
  • Player penalty indicators will now be cleared at the start of next set

2.8.16 released on 17 Oct 2023

  • Resolved issues related to delegates not being visible on scoresheet print

2.8.15 released on 16 Oct 2023

  • Don’t suggest technical timeout start when set is won

2.8.14 released on 11 Oct 2023

  • Fixed issues when technical timeout and libero out were happening together
  • Fixed display of team captain change when it happened due to score change

2.8.13 released on 09 Oct 2023

  • Fixed problems with password containing non latin characters
  • Seasons that ended will no longer allow to create new matches
  • Fixes for importing game start dates

2.8.12 released on 02 Oct 2023

  • Internal changes to data sync mechanisms

2.8.11 released on 30 Sep 2023

  • Added fetching linesmen 3 and 4 from VIS for beach games

2.8.10 released on 29 Sep 2023

  • Don’t allow for referee verification right after the rally started

2.8.9 released on 26 Sep 2023

  • Fixed side change popup not following teams shirt colors

2.8.8 released on 25 Sep 2023

  • Autofill basic match data after providing game key

2.8.7 released on 24 Sep 2023

  • Added challenge referee signature to beach video challenge remarks report

2.8.6 released on 22 Sep 2023

  • Added option to delete last point on inconclusive ball mark
  • Blocked situations when player substituted by libero could by also substituted by another player using team tablet, when both actions were performed at once.

2.8.5 released on 16 Sep 2023

  • Fixed rallies not being marked replayed in VIS when they were interrupted by a video challenge where the team was right, but there was no score change

2.8.4 released on 16 Sep 2023

  • Fixed wrong font colour on referee tablet timeout timer

2.8.3 released on 15 Sep 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused serve timer to sometimes occur on rallies interrupted by a video challenge

2.8.2 released on 14 Sep 2023

  • Limited the amount of past tournaments downloaded for faster sync

2.8.1 released on 11 Sep 2023

  • Fixed design of team tablet video challenge request

2.8.0 released on 05 Aug 2023

  • Added support for beach video challenge regulations

2.7.0 released on 30 Aug 2023

  • Referee tablet features a new, more modern look

2.6.1 released on 23 Aug 2023

  • Added new technical timeout system for beach games
  • Improved data upload status interface with separate indicators for VIS and VS systems

2.5.1 released on 14 Aug 2023

  • Internal changes to game rules

2.5.0 released on 10 Aug 2023

  • Added initial support for 4v4 games
  • Time of set end will now be filled automatically
  • Removed rule preventing captain from being designated as new libero
  • Improvements to error handling when creating a match

2.4.3 released on 07 Aug 2023

  • Remove Polish league references from English reports

2.4.2 released on 11 Jul 2023

  • Send fault admission data to VIS

2.4.1 released on 11 Jul 2023

  • Improvements to VIS integration

2.4.0 released on 10 Jul 2023

  • Added support for registering fair play moments
  • Added support for ending video challenges due to fair play
  • Fixed video challenge reason sometimes not fitting into timer panel display
  • Referee video verification was renamed to video challenge
  • Removed unnecessary substitution warning when confirming expulsion in beach games

2.3.19 released on 04 Jul 2023

  • Team rosters on referee tablet now include information about yellow and red cards each player got

2.3.18 released on 02 Jul 2023

  • Team video challenge is now locked during referee video verification
  • Start time of first set will now be pre-filled with planned match start time

2.3.17 released on 26 Jun 2023

  • Accepting proposed substitution from team tablet can now be done selectively

2.3.16 released on 19 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to timer data sent to our systems

2.3.15 released on 17 Jun 2023

  • Fixed some spelling mistakes

2.3.14 released on 16 Jun 2023

  • Fixed delay sanctions display in beach report

2.3.13 released on 16 Jun 2023

  • Rejecting video challenge will now mark it as invalid. This will be treated as if the team was wrong. You can also cancel a video challenge request to follow the previous behaviour.
  • Already played games will be marked in red in VIS match picker. They can still be imported if needed.
  • Serve timer will no longer trigger after doing a libero change.
  • When player is facing expulsion, and can only be swapped using an exceptional substitution, team can now decide to forfeit the set instead.
  • We will automatically remove spaces from scoreboard IP addresses in application settings.

2.3.12 released on 9 Jun 2023

  • Added new role trainer to medical team staff

2.3.11 released on 8 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to mid-rally buzzer

2.3.10 released on 8 Jun 2023

  • Buzzer keyboard shortcut is now active even when dialogs are displayed

2.3.9 released on 7 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to VIS data export

2.3.8 released on 7 Jun 2023

  • Extended the referee roles downloaded from VIS

2.3.7 released on 6 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to coach tablet internal systems

2.3.6 released on 6 Jun 2023

  • Added status indicators to coach and timer tablets

2.3.5 released on 6 Jun 2023

  • Improved handling of unstable network connections on coach tablet
  • Added key bind for buzzer shift + esc in the main application
  • Removed zone info when setting line-ups for beach games
  • When any team player got expelled for a set in beach match, block the ability to give yellow cards to that team

2.3.4 released on 5 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to challenge rules

2.3.3 released on 2 Jun 2023

  • Improved error logging

2.3.2 released on 1 Jun 2023

  • Increased the size of timer stop button

2.3.1 released on 1 Jun 2023

  • Fixed an issue when coach tablet will lock during setting line up when scorer simultaneously set coin toss

2.3.0 released on 1 Jun 2023

  • Improvements to timer panel with support for custom screen ratio

2.2.15 released on 31 May 2023

  • Video challenge will no longer preselect score change when team is right in indoor games
  • Added the ability to customise organiser name on scoresheet report

2.2.14 released on 30 May 2023

  • Lock video challenge after 7 seconds from last rally
  • Improvements to VIS integration

2.2.13 released on 30 May 2023

  • Fixed simultaneous substitution on tablets
  • Improvements to VIS integration

2.2.11 and 2.2.12 relesed on 29 May 2023

  • Improvements to VIS integration

2.2.10 released on 28 May 2023

  • Ball in/out challenge reason is no longer available for international games
  • Timer panel time display is now in square format
  • Added new type of duration countdown to timer panel
  • Referee tablet will now display reason of team challenge request

2.2.9 released on 27 May 2023

  • Fixed an issue with VIS export when staff sanction was added in game by disabling export od these events. This will be added again at later date.
  • Added button allowing to postpone team timeout/substitution/challenge requests. This was already possible by closing the modal using X, this new button is added for better user experience.
  • When one team sends lineup using team tablet, send lineup button in main application will turn yellow. Red state will be used when both lineups are ready.
  • In order to use timer panel effectively all involved devices need to have same time set. This is done automatically and requires no use interaction on Android, Apple devices, and Linux. On Windows we recommend running time sync before each game. We’ve added reminder to timer panel modal about that requirement.

2.2.8 released on 27 May 2023

  • Referee tablet will now display player out and player in for substitution requests

2.2.7 released on 26 May 2023

  • Added reminder when lineups are added without signatures

2.2.6 released on 25 May 2023

  • Improvements to timer system

2.2.5 released on 24 May 2023

  • Improvements to mid-rally challenge

2.2.4 released on 23 May 2023

  • Automatically clear countdowns not related to game rules

2.2.3 released on 23 May 2023

  • Fixes for serve time buzzer
  • New score display with manual buzzer button
  • Fixed roster change being available when setting lineups for sets other then first
  • Larger player numbers when setting lineups

2.2.2 released on 17 May 2023

  • Improvements for simultaneous red cards close to end of the set
  • Improvements for mid rally challenge reporting
  • Fixed missing text for repeater rallies

2.2.1 released on 15 May 2023

  • Enabled video challenge support in beach games for selected seasons

2.2.0 released on 11 May 2023

  • Added support for VNL game rules
  • Fixed some typos
  • Exceptional substitution after sanction wasn’t marked as exceptional substitution
  • Fixed missing name on challenge referee signature
  • Fixed an issue with timer panel sometimes not starting when changing matches

2.1.9 released on 10 May 2023

  • Added new configurable rules for more detailed handling of team side changes
  • Fixed libero being able to enter court right after exiting it due to team rotation

2.1.8 released on 30 Apr 2023

  • Added support for mid rally challenge call

2.1.7 released on 27 Apr 2023

  • New design of in app timer
  • Improvements to time rounding in scoresheet report
  • Improvements to sync popup including starting sync with enter
  • Fix for end match popup not fitting small screens in case of 5 set match with signatures

2.1.6 released on 24 Apr 2023

  • Support for serve timer settings
  • Improvements to timer panel
  • Display indicators of team penalties in roster lists
  • Extended the amount of data sent to our systems

2.1.5 released on 18 Apr 2023

  • Changed captain color to blue on main court, to make it in line with other captain indicators
  • You can now access team rosters on referee tablet by tapping team names

2.1.4 released on 17 Apr 2023

  • Added support for third referee role
  • Added new rule settings related to timeout counts resetting mid set
  • Added information about a match being a golden set match into the scoresheet

2.1.2 released on 05 Apr 2023

  • Fix for scoresheet display when there is a manual change in tie break

2.1.1 released on 03 Apr 2023

  • Added warning when injuring player who still has regular substitutions available
  • Block substitutions after delay warning
  • Fixed team short names display on reporting in VIS matches
  • Minor interface fixes for smaller screens

2.1.0 released on 27 Mar 2023

  • New system for handling technical timeouts (temporarily indoor only)
  • Player red and yellow cards will now be displayed next to their names on main player lists
  • Further improved data upload to our systems when connection in unstable

2.0.18 released on 25 Mar 2023

  • Improved the reliability of match data transfer to our systems

2.0.17 released on 20 Mar 2023

  • Increased the frequency of match data upload

2.0.16 released on 17 Mar 2023

  • Expanded match data sent to our systems
  • Fixes for VIS match import

2.0.15 released on 16 Mar 2023

  • Added an option to upload raw match data to VIS

2.0.14 released on 15 Mar 2023

  • Added support for sending indoor documents to VIS
  • Fixes for indoor VIS integration

2.0.13 released on 14 Mar 2023

  • Fixed for indoor VIS integration

2.0.12 released on 13 Mar 2023

  • Fixes for creation of VIS matches

2.0.11 released on 12 Mar 2023

  • Improvements to stats upload
  • Improvements to team rotations around protest events

2.0.10 released on 08 Mar 2023

  • Improvements to VIS match picker

2.0.9 released on 07 Mar 2023

  • Layout optimizations for smaller screen sizes

2.0.8 released on 03 Mar 2023

  • Prevent ending set with a pending video challenge

2.0.7 released on 02 Mar 2023

  • Print improvements

2.0.6 released on 01 Mar 2023

  • Updated translations related to ball mark protocol
  • Tweaked the design of pending challenge interface
  • Beach protocols duration will now displayed in HH:mm:ss format

2.0.5 released on 27 Feb 2023

  • Split video challenge and ball mark into a two step process
  • Fixed serving info in ball mark protocol report
  • Teams can’t take more then one challenge between rallies
  • Assigning point to the other team will now be automatically selected for successful challenge
  • Added new info about improper request to beach scoresheet

2.0.4 released on 21 Feb 2023

  • Fixed teams changing sides after set end in beach games
  • Improvements to data upload interfaces
  • Internal application updates

2.0.3 released on 16 Feb 2023

  • Added new rules regarding golden set win condition
  • Fixes to indoor prints when no approvals were done
  • Fixed the rare situation when medical assistance could save with non existing player number
  • Disabled forfeit during open rally
  • Fixed roster verification country being fixed to Poland
  • Added signatures to roster verification

2.0.2 released on 14 Feb 2023

  • Fixed an issues where editing a roster would clear libero role from captain
  • When synchronizing account with no active seasons, proper message will now be shown

2.0.1 released on 07 Feb 2022

  • Paused timer control will now blink
  • Fixed missing label when enabling serve timer countdown

2.0.0 released on 05 Feb 2022

  • Added integration with VIS system
  • Added support for beach volleyball
  • Added an option to change player shirt colours
  • Added tablets for coaches
  • Added timer control tablet

1.8.14 released on 28 Oct 2022

  • Internal application changes

1.8.13 released on 24 Oct 2022

  • Don’t display match signing status when digital signatures are disabled

1.8.12 released on 23 Oct 2022

  • Translation fixes
  • Check for updates when returning to application after a period of inactivity

1.8.11 released on 19 Oct 2022

  • Improved user experience of digital signatures

1.8.10 released on 17 Oct 2022

  • Improvments to data upload

1.8.9 released on 15 Oct 2022

  • Translation improvments

1.8.8 released on 14 Oct 2022

  • Improvments to data upload

1.8.7 released on 13 Oct 2022

  • Internal application changes

1.8.6 released on 12 Oct 2022

  • Fixed issues when uploading MVP data

1.8.5 released on 28 Sep 2022

  • Fixed history overlapping with team controls on smallest application size on Windows PCs

1.8.4 released on 26 Sep 2022

  • Fixed a situation when exiting a match immediately after ending it would not cause data upload to the server

1.8.3 released on 24 Sep 2022

  • Fixed checking foreign limit when creating lineup

1.8.2 released on 22 Sep 2022

  • Improved error display when setting lineup

1.8.1 released on 21 Sep 2022

  • Improvements to data upload mechanism

1.8.0 released on 20 Sep 2022

  • Added support for signing documents with username and password

1.7.0 released on 12 Sep 2022

  • Added 15 second serve timer
  • Sanction popup will now display staff position
  • You can can swap players with manual change
  • Added system for enforcing captain presence on court
  • You can now change QR code for connecting tablets to any of detected networks

1.6.3 released on 11 Jul 2022

  • Improvements to scoreboard integration

1.6.2 released on 06 Jul 2022

  • Adjusted sync to new league panel release

1.6.1 released on 20 Jun 2022

  • Added support for connecting multiple scoreboards

1.6.0 released on 29 Jun 2022

  • Added support for VolleyStation Scoreboard. Scoreboard network address can be provided using main application settings

1.5.13 released on 07 Mar 2022

  • Sync will now only download data of current championships to reduce sync time