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VolleyStation 0.9.17 released

This week we released new version of VolleyStation with a big set of changes to make your work faster and easier. Since we are adding new functionalities weekly this seems like a good moment to sum up all the changes since last blog post. Major additions since version 0.8.18 are as follows:

  • You can now change video playback speed. We’ve also added keyboard shortcuts for that.
  • Implemented new filters: attack combination, counterattack, team rotation, setter calls, setting effect and reception effect.
  • Added video encoder to easily convert your videos into compatible format
  • Video montages now merge videos from many matches into single recording. Please note that for merge to work, you need to use videos in the same format and resolution.
  • Added correction mode to scouting screen. This mode features larger video and is designed for post match analysis
  • Matches written in cones are now automatically translated to zones on import
  • When creating a montage you can now set custom cut times for plays.

Since our 0.8 release we have also fixed a lot of bugs, and significantly improved application performance. Thanks to your feedback, we implemented many quality of life changes to make your work faster. This is the best time to give VolleyStation a try, if you haven’t done that yet!

You can download latest version of VolleyStation from our site or wait for it to install using automatic updates. Check your applications title bar to see current software version.