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VolleyStation 0.8 beta released

We have just released new version of VolleyStation beta. This version introduces the following changes:

  • Ability to create video montages. Read more here
  • Added ability to manually tweak your scout and video synchronization
  • New “basic” card mode. This mode shows bare minimum of cards to make scouting as fast as possible.
  • Starting lineup can now be set using keyboard
  • Added ability to generate match report for selected sets using regular report creation wizard
  • Expanded keyboard shortcuts list
  • Added option to export and import matches, as well as ability to import teams
  • Added support for 32bit versions of Windows
  • Greatly improved overall software appearance
  • Many other smaller fixes and improvements

You can download latest version of VolleyStation from our site or wait for it to install using automatic updates. Check your applications title bar to see current software version.