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Using your IP Camera in VolleyStation Streamer

VolleyStation Streamer allows you to obtain an IP camera feed to use in VolleyStation Pro. You need to input the full address of the camera to make it work.

AXIS Camera set-up (VM camera)

The usual IP camera address of VM cameras is: rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP.ADDRESS/axis-media/media.amp
If you don’t know your VM camera USERNAME and PASSWORD, please go to this VM webpage. Clicking on the camera details will show you the IP address, username, and password of the camera.

Another IP cameras

If you are using a different manufacturer of the IP camera, please check the manual for the IP camera address.
Please, reach out to us at if you have any issues with your IP camera.

Using obtained IP camera feed in VolleyStation Pro

After you put the address into the VS Streamer, select the resolution and a directory to save the file. Now, use the full address on the top-right to view the video in VolleyStation Pro.