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New time sync

Today we have some good news for those of you who are quick coders. We are expanding our options for automatic code to video time synchronisation with a new mode.

Current mode: predictive

Right now, we are already doing code to time sync in a mode we call predictive. This mode uses prediction of expected game progression to automatically set play times for you. While this system does it’s job well in matches, it has trouble supporting practice. It may also require some corrections for rallies that were more out of the box. Predictive mode is still a great tool for new coders, that sometimes struggle to keep up with all that’s happening on the court. This mode stays available in VolleyStation, and will remain the default for now.

New mode: raw

New mode we are adding today is definitely aimed at advanced users, who have no problems with coding matches in real time. Raw mode will register times for all plays, as you code them, and save those times with no alteration. This will make times as precise as possible, and if you are quick enough, you will probably not have to change anything in sync ever again. Raw mode is also better for practice sessions, or any other game that does not follow regular match pacing.

You can change your coding mode in application settings. This change will not alter your existing matches in any way, and you can always change back if you want, even mid match.

Coming soon: code pre-filling

Currently our internal coding timers start as soon as you start typing. This is true for both predictive and raw modes. That’s why filling some serve data before the start of the rally is not currently supported. We know this is something many of you want to do, and we are planning on adding it in future update.

Give it a try

Changes mentioned in this article, are already available to all VolleyStation Pro users. Just make sure, you are using VS Pro in version 1.13.4 or above. If you want to try VS Pro, then please contact us using the link below.

visit volley station website