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March development update

As March is coming to a close, we are releasing another big update for VolleyStation. This version focuses on some really big new features, many of you requested. We also did our usual quality pass addressing some minor bugs, and improving the general application performance.


Our biggest feature in this release is the addition of tabs. Tabs allow you to do many things at once, and check new ideas without the need to drop what you are currently doing. This concept is very similar to how tabs work in your Internet browser of choice. Ever wanted to create report without exiting the match, or start a montage generation in background while you do other things? You can do that easily with tabs! Below you can see a simple demo of this functionality.

Simple demo of tabs

Montages with overlay

The next big thing of this update is the much requested option to generate montages with added text overlay. This type of montage looks like this:

Video montage with overlay

As you can see, we print information about playing teams, current rotations, serving side and current result. Generating montages with overlay is really useful when you select many matches as your video source. Just remember that adding overlay requires us to encode the video again. That results in generation time that is many times longer, then with normal montages.

New team filter

With this release comes new “analysed team” filter. This filter, separate from team filter from second step of report generation, allows you to set which side of the court you see as the final result. Let’s say you have 5 matches of team A, and you want to see all kills against them. Rather then generating one report per opponent, you can now select team A in second step of report generation, while setting this new filter into “opponent” mode. This will show you all plays done by team A opponents during all 5 matches. It’s a neat trick, that you can use to save time when creating montages from larger pool of matches.

Video merge

Besides video converter, that is available for some time now, we are also adding video merge functionality. Video merge is useful if your camera returns video recording in parts. VolleyStation can now glue all those files together into one recording in around two minutes.

Other changes

With version 0.9.32 we have done a lot of smaller tweaks. You will find widgets to be more readable. Search now highlights plays, not only points that contain them. We improved translations, and entire application will now respond faster to your actions. As usual, this is the best update to VolleyStation yet, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

You can download latest version of VolleyStation from our site or wait for it to install using automatic updates. Check your applications title bar to see current software version.