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February development update

Last two months, since the release of efficiency over time report, were a busy period here at VolleyStation. We got a lot of feedback from our users, and made a series of significant changes to our software. Here is a comprehensive list of what’s new in latest updates for VS Pro and VS Streamer.

VolleyStation Streamer

Streamer is an important part of our software portfolio. We wanted to make it perform even better when streaming video, especially in higher resolutions. VS Streamer 1.0 features changes to our encoder that will result in video that is around 60% smaller, while being of higher perceived quality. We also improved compatibility with some video players. VS Streamer 1.0 features playback speed for preview, so you can watch video in slow motion.

To get most of features provided by our streamer, make sure you view the video using VS Pro bench mode. Bench mode offers more control over video compared to other video players.

VolleyStation Pro

VolleyStation Pro received a lot of small changes, that together make a huge difference. Here is everything we’ve done over last two months:

  • Added keyboard navigation on video analysis screen
  • You can now import multiple matches at once. Importing will also work better when file has some incorrect codes in it.
  • Added the option to pop-out the video player outside of application main window.
  • Cards input mode shows better descriptions of play effects for improved clarity.
  • Synchronisation screen now allows you to reset play times, in case you made a mistake when aligning plays. This will also be useful when you scout practice matches, where automatic sync can result in wrong time values.
  • Added shortcut for code search in scouting screen
  • Attack and block codes now have additional default values for player number and attack type
  • We’ve fixed importing of practice matches
  • Our video converter will now encode around 60% faster, and the resulting file will be around 30% smaller. This change only applies to “small file size” preset.
  • Video player on VS Bench now features slow motion controls.
  • We’ve added some new filters to reports
    • Setting start zone can now be selected manually rather than just checking whether it was a zone 3 setting.
    • Skill type filter now works with all plays, not just attacks.
    • You can now filter plays by preceding reception position
    • Attacks and blocks can by filtered by block player count.
    • We’ve added point advantage / loss filter that does not require custom codes to work.
    • You can now filter plays by the result of set or exchange (won or lost)
  • VS now supports new code for rotating team. aI4 will move away team to rotation 4, without changing the setter. This is an addition to already existing code aZ4 which changed the setter without rotating the team.
  • You can now move quickly from video analysis play list to match that featured this play. This can be used to quickly browse through neighbouring exchanges, and better understand the context of the play.
  • We’ve added new roster edit tool available in both team and match. It is much faster than previous roster modification, and allows for changes on already created matches.

Changes mentioned above, are already available to all VolleyStation Pro users. Just make sure, you are using VS Streamer in version 1.0 or above, and VS Pro in version 1.5 or above. If you want to try VS Pro, then please contact us using the link below.

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